Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Now the horse isn't in the way, the door bolt shoots across lovely

Now MPs have joined in with the campaign to "keep" local music on local radio stations. Yeah? Bit late isn't it?

Labour backbencher John Robertson, MP for Glasgow Anniesland, [reports the Guardian] led the call for music content to be regulated by the bill, saying he had the backing of former Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley.
Mr Robertson said Mr Hadley and other musicians were concerned that the relaxation would leave the UK with American-style centralised radio stations which ignored emerging bands.

Have these people tuned into a radio station recently? I mean, seriously. Presumably not since Tony Hadley used to pop up on the radio from time to time.

Tory John Greenwood weighed in:
"Mr Greenway also hit out at moves to force local radio stations to recruit staff from their area and broadcast from studios within their locality.
The most successful stations already did that without regulation, he said.

Really? Can he point to these stations? By which I mean the ones that have most of their functions performed by staff with long standing connections with their area, rather than most of their work done centrally elsewhere; and if he can name a single market leading radio station outside London whose programming comes entirely from its Target Service Area? Because I bet he can't.

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