Saturday, March 01, 2003

How spambands work

The Datsuns, for shame, are having this done in their name:

"We all know how great The Datsuns are live and what a better way to show your friends then to send them the ‘In Love’ video. For this mission, email the ‘In Love’ video link to 20 or more people asking them to check it out. Just go to the Digi Toolbox at the DST [URL edited] and copy and paste the “In Love” video link into an email. Add my email address to the Bcc section of the email that you’re sending so I can tally up how many people you sent it to. Head over to the Mission section for further details. 2 Winners will receive a killer and very rock n’ roll Levis wallet as well as some music from the Datsuns. This mission ends 3/7

Now, there's a very fine line between "If you enjoyed the show, tell your friends" and "Hey, just post out the URL willy-nilly and you'll get rewarded." It's not even like the reward is worth it - thousands of people are going to get unwanted advertising, and in return, two people just get a crappy wallet? Sweet Gwen Wept.

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