Friday, April 04, 2003

IT WAS LIKE A DECAPITATION, APPARENTLY: You have to wonder at someone who (i) goes to see Pearl Jam but is also so outraged by Eddie Vedder smashing an effigy of Bush that they feel the need to walk out of the gig, as happened at Denver. Apparently, all the while Ed was stressing that Pearl Jam loved the troops (mmmm, those uniforms) it was fine, but once he started smashing stuff, well, babysitters suddenly found their services were being no longer required. Mind you, the walkout doesn't seem to have been that huge - the same guy is quoted in both the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News, and the estimate of the size of the walkout is put at "dozens", which in a huge venue like the Pepsi Center wouldn't even be differentiated from the usual number of people popping to the bar. Sounds more like a case of 'one man walks out, calls papers" to us.

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