Thursday, April 03, 2003

THE JUKEBOX IN THEIR HEAD TURNS ME ON: Popbitch is having something of an Indian Summer since the revamp - a much higher Interest to Rah!Rah!Rah! ratio; perhaps in the week that it was closed some people realised it is possible to have a thought without the need to share it with Britain's Largest Source of Tabloid Filler Items(TM). It's pleasing to see, like an old friend who'd taken a bad turning; he might not be off the smack, but he's controlling his use, and has stopped pinching your CDs and the wife's Lilliput Lane cottages to flog while your back is turned. Anyway, right now, they're doing a 'best opening line' thread, and nearly ever regular has been outed as being in their early thirties - Cud, the opening gasp from Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft. Oh, and Propaganda. This is the voice of the British Music Industry at play, remember. So much nicer than the sound of their day jobs.

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