Thursday, April 03, 2003

TICKET TOUTS, PAY ATTENTION: Here's a curious little maths problem for you all to ponder:
Glastonbury 'sells out' all 85,000 tickets - that's the figure that has been widely reported. Fair enough, that would be a sell out and lead to the prices rising swiftly on Ebay as there aren't meant to be any more.
Except... in the application for a licence the organisers said there would be 150,000 tickets made available in total; 34,000 accounted for by performers, locals, traders and so on; 3,500 Sunday day passes for local residents and the remainder - 112,500 - weekend tickets on sale to the general public. By my reckoning, the "sold out" festival has still got another thirty thousand odd tickets hidden up its sleeve. Something to think about when you're filling in the little bid box at Ebay.

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