Tuesday, April 01, 2003

POPE MUSIC: Yesterday, we were being assured Macca would have to drop Live and Let Die from his Rome set, in case he "woke up the pope." Before we move on, what sort of story is this anyway? Why would Live and Let Die disturb the pontiff's slumbers more than Band On The Run, say, or even Mull of Kintyre? And are we really supposed to believe there are music venues in the city which are so poorly soundproofed and so close to the Vatican? And even if there were, that the elderly Pope's bedroom would be right in the most noisy bit of the Vatican?
Now, nme.com is reporting that the Pope is going to join McCartney on stage. We suspect this is a pisspoor April Fool's Day jest on the part of the website - god, we hope it is; if we wanted to see grisly old men at a rock concert we'd buy a ticket for the Rolling Stones - but stranger things have happened...

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