Friday, May 30, 2003

ANOTHER FACTORY OPENS: Like that other stalwart of Granada TV, Mike Baldwin, Tony Wilson seems to love opening new Factories. He's already used the name for a label twice, and now he's given his official blessing to a third, FACT:ory. The clumsy pun is being used by Liverpool's post-soviet concete arts mall FACT (dyswtdt?) for a label that seems to be planning on releasing stuff for a future 365 day style project - tower block residents and performance poetry. We're kind of hoping that the label is a roaring success, if only for the look on the faces of Liverpool's other subsidy-hoover LIPA (aka "the Paul McCartney Fame School") if an upstart video gallery manages the kind of success that eludes their highly-trained students.
Talking of LIPA After several years of trying to catapult themselves into the national headlines, they had a limited measure of success in the last couple of weeks. First, one of their lecturers went a bit far in emulating the antics of founder Macca, and got himself banged up for smuggling drugs to Japan and they were able to claim the title of 'least liked songwriters in Europe' - Jemini's shunned Eurovision entry was, erm, written by LIPA's head of music.
Still, one of A1 went there. And, erm, someone in the house band on The Saturday Show. (No, I didn't know they had one, either).

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