Saturday, June 21, 2003

ADVERT SOUNDTRACKS WRECK MY HEAD: How many more fucking adverts are going to use "keep young and beautiful/ it's your duty to be beautiful/ keep young and beautiful/ if you want to be loved" on the soundtrack for their make up/ diet food/ jogging pants? Don't they know that it's already been on the soundtrack of seventy-nine thousand adverts? Even if it wasn't an irritating song and being used without any understanding of what the song was (they use it as if they think that it was a serious song they're injecting with an element of parody, oblivious to it originally being a pisstake of the sort of people who use beauty products/ keep fit regimes - i.e. the very people they're trying to sell to) it's become such a commonplace, they should just steer clear of it for about seventeen years at least. By which time we'll all be dead and it won't matter.

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