Friday, June 20, 2003

INTERESTING LEGAL QUERY OF OUR TIMES: If Shane from the So Solids is still planning to go ahead with his legal action against the government for actions which linked his day job with guns and drugs in people's minds, could he also bring legal action against G-Man and Asher D for doing the same thing?
Asher D, of course, fronted up a 'guns off the street' campaign (the public penance part of his sentence), when he suggested "some of the guys have been through theirs. But we want people to know that's not what we are doing now. If we get one gun off the street then that's a good thing." Of course Shane was no longer doing gun stuff, as he'd thrown his away the previous November. If only he'd had the presence of mind to tell the cops that when he tossed the weapon into the garbage, he was making a difference by taking just one gun off the street...

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