Thursday, June 12, 2003

AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME. UNFORTUNATELY, IT CAME ABOUT SIX YEARS AGO: We're not entirely sure it is the first in the world like they claim, but a store is being piloted in Lubceck, Germany allowing people to mix, match and burn their own CDs. Opened by no less a pop princess than Indira (ex-of BroSis; that's the level we're dealing with here) you get a PDA and can choose from 20,000 odd tracks for 99 cents each. Oh, and then you have to pay an extra EUR2 for the CD itself, and the box.
Yeah, this is a really tempting proposition, isn't it? Slightly more expensive than the price level of online services, and you have to pay a ridiculous mark-up on the blank media; the range is limited; and you have to take a bus into town, stand around while you compile your CD, wait in a queue to pay for your finished disc, take a bus home and then you can play the tunes, right there and then. Yeah, I can see the advantages over doing it all online... you might get to meet one of BroSis while you're doing it. Neat.
They've had the technology to offer these services for years. And if they'd got those booths into shops when they were talking about it, they might have had something. As it is, as with many of the legitimate services - way, way, too little; way, way, way too late.

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