Thursday, June 12, 2003

'MAN BITES DOG' EDGED OUT IN THE 'DUH, NO SHIT?' AWARDS: 'Avril contradicts herself' shock. This time, it's because she's been spotted shaggy-snog-touching with one of her band, something that she swore she would never, ever, ever do a month or so ago. This was, erm, eleven months into an on-off thing with Jesse Colburn.
What's wonderful about this is that the fact she fibbed about the relationship at all isn't the worst of it. Avril - who you'll remember has often maintained that nobody tells her what to do, no way, no sir, not her - has been forced by the record label to keep her K-I-S-S-I-N-G ways secret, because - ta-da! - her having a squeeze would sit badly with her 'image'. When they say "jump", she says "how high? really? that high? thast's funny, that's exactly how high I was going to jump anyway. For myself. So I will, then."

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