Thursday, June 12, 2003

REBELLION IS - IN CASE YOU MISSED THE MEMO - THE NEW CONFORMITY: - so says the Daily Telegraph's Neil McCormick, anyway. Obviously columns about popular music in the telegraph are designed to provide an excuse for pictures of female popstars, rather than to offer any perspective on the music scene, but did he stop to think his thoughts through? Rebellion is in, except its manufactured. Righto. So, erm, being told to pretend to rebel would be - what's the word? - conformity, wouldn't it? Sweetly, he suggests Girls Aloud 'Sound of the Underground' was 'counter-culture referencing.' But if the target audience all assumed it 'the sound of the underground' was that woosh you get a few seconds before the tube arrives, can that be the case?
As if realising that he was stumbling over himself, Neil frets "When even an old-school svengali like Girls Aloud impresario Louis Walsh (the brains behind Boyzone, Westlife and Samantha Mumba) embraces rebellion, what is left to rebel against?" Erm... how about old-school svengalis like Louis Walsh trying to package rebellion and sell it back to the kids for a start?
Gonna make a tshirt out of your dreams...

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