Friday, July 18, 2003

STILL, AT LEAST IT WASN'T JEREMY BEADLE: More on the Great Metallica Spoof, apparently from cnn. The spoofer, Ashley from Unrest, might be thinking of a different Lars Ulrich when he says "I may be reaching here, but I wouldn't put it past Lars to actually approve of the parody because it exposes the Internet for what it is," he said, meaning the kind of place where even legitimate news sites might run with the story without a second thought. Yes, we're sure he'll be suing your skinny ass more in sorrow than in anger. What is kind of shocking is that Ananova didn't actually spot the flaw in the URL they were using to stack up the story: - maybe if they deep-linked to their actual sources, they'd have had the spoof pointed out to them earlier and saved their reputation a spot of blushing?
[Thanks to Nigel R for what we'll term ' additional research']

Oh, and while we're correcting: The problem drinker points out Conyers and Berman are Congressmen. They introduced the bill in the House of Representatives. (They're the ones who want to send filesharers to prison)

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