Tuesday, July 15, 2003

TORN COPY: In a piece that tries to suggest that there's more to Natalie Imbruglia than just 'Torn', while apparently only being able to think of that song, The Baltimore Sun explains how the challenges she faced caused problems for our Nat: Imbruglia attempted to parlay that momentum [from Neighbours] into a singing career, but her hopes stalled. She began venting her frustration on paper, and the result was "Torn." So, somehow by writing about her frustrations, she wound up covering someone else's song, eh? Still, if Avril can claim to write her stuff, why not? And Natalie's got a great future ahead of her - just listen to how she sells herself: "As much as I don't know what I'm doing, I'm competent as well." The competent person who doesn't know what she's doing. We'd hire her. Actually, we would. She's got a major special talent: "You can be sexy in men's pajamas," Imbruglia says she now realizes.

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