Tuesday, July 15, 2003

WHAT DO CHARLOTTE CHURCH AND RUDYARD KIPLING HAVE IN COMMON?: Besides the fact that neither of them have ever made a decent job of presenting Have I Got News For You? Well, both have gotten pissed off by tour buses pulling up outside their homes - although its unlikely that Charlotte will repeat Rudyard's mistake. So fed up was he with the trips run by a Brighton publican that allowed tourists to peek over his hedges, he sent a letter of complaint to him. Unfortunately, this merely gave the publican an extra piece of Kipling to wave around and tempt passengers with. Charlotte should merely sit and wait; by next summer the Americans on board will probably only want to go and see her house until they find out that Charlotte Church is a former singer, and not a cute little Welsh chapel. You can bet Aled Jones doesn't get disturbed by sightseers anymore.

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