Thursday, September 25, 2003

CABLE UNPLUGGED: The Stereophonics have confounded all expectations by doing something interesting, and sacked their drummer.

In a crocodile-teary statement, Kelly Jones weeps Me and Stuart started a band when I was 12.
Emotionally to me this is heartbreaking. I love him like a brother, but commitment wise there have been issues since "Just Enough Education to Perform". We've tried resolving them but things stayed the same. Myself and Richard miss Stuart already, a band is like a gang and a lot of time he simply wasn't there, although it was our fault to allow this situation to develop in the first place.
No one will be replacing Stuart as a band member, Stuart is irreplaceable, but Steve Gorman will continue to sit in on drums for the upcoming shows.
No one member of the band is bigger than our songs.
It's a rock and roll band and the upcoming shows will be rocking.

Sniff. Makes you weep, dunnit? Poor old Kelly, having to take such a decision to put down his favourite dog... oh, hang on, he was talking about royally shafting his mate, wasn't he? What makes this taste so bad is the mealy-mouthed attempt to try and dress-up a cold business decision. "Nobody is irreplaceable, but tshirts and posters featuring new drummer Steve will be available by lunchtime."

It's true, of course, that Stuart has been missing - although, curiously, Richard was writing just last week about his absence from the drums on their current dates: "Stu's feeling alot better after a 3rd diagnosis and surgery, but still got to rest and recover(post some get well messages on the board, that'll keep him smiling!). " So, they've kicked him out shortly after he'd had a mystery illness and a operation. What are they - bloody Victorian Mill Owners? "Not only did he not turn up for the shows, but when I asked him where he was he just gurgled and got blood on my shoes." Somewhat shabby treatment of a childhood friend, isn't it?

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