Thursday, September 25, 2003

RIAA - SOMETIMES IT'S OKAY TO STEAL, PROVIDING YOU'RE DOING SO IRONICALLY: The owners of Kazaa have filed a lawsuit against the RIAA, claiming the cartel's efforts to find bad, bad, file downloaders have been carried out using unathorised versions of its software and violating the terms and conditions for use of its network. The RIAA - missing the point somewhat - have responded by calling Kazaa's owner Sharman Network's "newfound admiration for the importance of copyright law ironic and self-serving." Maybe, my sweethearts, but this is Caeser's Wife territory, isn't it? How can the RIAA staright-facedly bring legal suits against twelve year old girls in the projects for violating copyrights when it quite happily does the same thing itself? Or is it only a violation when it's not the RIAA doing it? Two wrongs don't make a right, but that cuts both ways.

Now, we're not experts in American Law, but is evidence obtained illegally admissable in civil actions? And, if so, if the RIAA loses this case, would that mean they'd be unable to present any of the 'evidence' of file-sharing they'd used KazaaLite to gather, or which flowed from that illegal use, in court?

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