Friday, September 26, 2003

LET'S JUST RAM THE POINT HOME: Why you should always approach rock stars' opinions with caution:

There is something embarrassing about the thought of smart people either producing or consuming yet another comic strip about how stupid George W Bush is, something almost morbidly narrow-minded and scared to stray from the well-worn path of platitudes. As Bob Geldof said, no one has done more to fight Aids in Africa than Bush - and while he's sitting at his desk, struggling to comprehend all that massive historical shift of wealth and medication and goodwill he's so stubbornly, shockingly responsible for, you're drawing or reading a comic about how thick and useless he is, and sniggering! Who's the dummy?!
Julie Burchill, August 23rd

Who's the dummy, Julie? Probably someone who's prepared to believe that Bush is solving the Aids crisis single-handed because Bob Fucking Geldof told them so:

The Bush administration's ban on funds to family planning clinics which offer abortion counselling is adversely affecting the supply of condoms to countries hit by HIV/Aids, it was claimed yesterday.
Clinics have had to close in a number of African countries because the family planning organisations running them refuse to sign a declaration that they will not offer abortions or even discuss them.

Guardian news report, 25th Septmber.

We notice that "sir" Bob is keeping very quiet about this...

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