Friday, September 26, 2003

WHO OBSERVES THE OBSERVER: A source writes to us about the OMM:

Just wanted to say - had high hopes for the Observer MM - but went away disappointment. It could have gone either way - but the Miranda Sawyer - "this is what it is like to be me, I'm great" article made me retch..

You'll note that I couldn't quite bring myself to mention that piece at all... if writing about music is dancing about architecture, then writing about writing about music is like building a model village... However, we do {heart} Miranda Sawyer...

If that's really the best they could do for the first article, something's wrong somewhere

Being charitable, I suppose they may have been let down at the last minute and called in a trooper. On the other hand, it did smack a little of Word's 'what it's like...' regular slot.

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