Monday, September 29, 2003

INDIEOBIT: Sad news reaches us via James of

Top Welsh indie pop singer song writer Matthew Jay has committed suicide.

No joke, sadly.

Apparently he threw himself out of a window. Obviously must have been distraught at being dropped back in April and having his offical website being taken down.

No idea if this has been on popbitch or holymoly already. I doubt anyone on those sites cares... I saw him supporting Starsailer way back when and he struck me as half decent - my editor at the time fell in love with him and so I spent a great deal of my working hours listening to his 'Draw' album.

Googling on his name, we were a bit spooked that the second suggestion (after the now-sealed official site) was for a review we wrote of the band's (they had a PJ Harvey style naming convention) Summer 2001 gig at the Liverpool Lomax for Ink Magazine:

[...] Matthew shares that if next single doesn’t get a top 75, there might not be any more. But ‘please don’t send me away’ deserves much more than the shallows of that end of the chart – heartfelt and desperate, its fate should be under the skin, not skimming the surface. Sweetly, politely, but with a sense of time passing, this sums up the band’s message: there’s nowhere you can go where there’s nobody, but that doesn’t stop you being alone.

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