Tuesday, September 23, 2003

MORE TROUBLE FOR FRED: Having already paid USD100,00 to the security guard he kicked in the head back in 1999, Fred Durst is now being sued by the guy's employer so they can get back the worker's compensation they've had to pay - USD50,000 and rising. Which makes you wonder, how hard did Durst kick the guy?

At the time, Fred was apologetic (according to the police) saying that he'd thought the sceurity guard was a fan who'd been attacking his personal security guard. That's plausible enough - we're never able to tell the difference between the big, burly security guards and the zitty fourteen year olds at Limp Bizkit gigs - and who's to say that kicking a person in the head isn't a proportionate response when you believe they're attacking your personal security guard. Though we're not sure why someone would hire someone to protect them from harm, and then be going to their aid in a fight.

Tony Martin at least doesn't wear a red baseball cap.

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