Wednesday, September 24, 2003

THINGS WE COULD PROBABLY HAVE DONE WITHOUT: In common with all sentinent beings on this part of the planet, we're convinced that the Flaming Lips are nothing but a powerful force for good in a cold, cruel world. However, their getting involved with Tubthumping - they're remixing it is something we're going to approach with caution.

'Tubthumping', of course, was anarchist band's Chumbawamba's big hit on the EMI label and presaged the band's rapid decline into allowing their music to be used on car adverts under a strict criteria - they wouldn't let their songs be used by companies whose arms manufacturing took place under the same brand name as their automobile manufacturing, you'll recall - and who proved they were still anti-establishment by throwing cold water over John Prescott at the Brit Awards. Not before, of course, they'd performed for him, representatives of all the major labels, and millions of people at home - the promotion is all, of course.

Meanwhile, we dropped our sandwich the other night hearing a lush string version of Motorcycle Emptiness being used to flog mobile phones. The tune was only drowned out by the sound of Richey Edwards spinning in his undiscovered grave.

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