Tuesday, September 09, 2003

OCEAN COLOUR SCENE: THE JIMMY SAVILLE OF OUR TIMES: James from chachacha.co.uk writes with this report from local news:

On ITV Tyne Tees' "North East Tonight" this evening (08/09/2003), Ocean Colour Scene were featured visiting a kids' cancer ward at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. Damon Minchella of the band was interviewed and said how nice it was to put something back into the community. Then the report cut to a voxpop of kids suffering from the effects of chemotherapy and listening to trad rock. The amusing part was when one sick little darling turned to the camera and said straightfaced "I've never heard of them".

The presenter moved on to another patient who said "It'll be good when I'm home soon".

I think the kids were taking piss out of OCS, somewhat. Still - nothing changes, eh?

Of course, during the later years of the Thatcher era, people took to carrying a slip alongside their donor cards making clear their wish that - should they be involved in a life-threatening accident or disease-up, they did not want to be visited by the Prime Minister. We're thinking about reviving this idea just in case it takes off as the thing that fading pop stars will do. Imagine being at death's door only for Robbie Williams to turn up...

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