Wednesday, September 24, 2003

WAITING AT THE PRISON GATES: Carl Libertine has started to put out feelers in the hope that he can persuade Pete Doherty to rejoin the band when he's released from chokey. Apparently, 'sources close to Mr. Barat' (let's hope they're not single sources) say that he's happy to have Pete back in the band as soon as he gets out - which makes Pete's being sent to prison for burglarising his flat even more absurd - why is he serving time for a crime that the "victim" has already forgiven and forgotten? To deter him from doing it again? But clearly Carl doesn't feel that he's going to be at risk from Pete popping round to pick up a couple more guitars and his Sir Nathaniel Westminster Piggy Bank - sure, the Libertines desperately need some new songs, but to think that Carl needs them so desperately he wouldn't mind having to put a lock on the microwave and install BHS style security guards to sit at the edge of the sofa when they're jamming seems unlikely.

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