Wednesday, September 03, 2003

WE'RE NOT SURE WHAT IT ALL MEANS: This is about to drop off the bottom of Media Monkey:

Speaking of Five, Monkey enjoyed the weird subliminal advertising in its previous programme, the Curse of Blue Peter. While Janet Ellis was interviewed about her time on the show before she was sacked for - shock horror - getting pregnant out of wedlock, Monkey spied the legend "read my lips" scrawled on the top of her fireplace. Which was, of course, the name of her daughter Sophie Ellis Bextor's debut solo album. How odd. Anthea Turner resisted the temptation to write on her kitchen wall "panto, Wigan" or wherever she'll be appearing this Christmas.

What we need to know is: scrawled? How? Had Sophie gone round her Mum's with a No.7 Sunset Blush lippy defacing all the surfaces she could find in a frenzy of self-promotion? Or - slightly more likely - would what they have seen be the cover of the CD itself, where the name was, erm, scrawled over the cover art?

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