Wednesday, September 03, 2003

WE HAVE NOT SEEN THE WORST WHILE WE CAN STILL SAY...: Well, we thought the sight of scummy chancer-building-types sticking up posho flats on the place and trying to pretend that somehow it was still the Hacienda would probably be the last insult for the memory of the Place That Brought You A Guy Called Gerald (and Bez). But, oh no, somehow invoking the name of the Hacienda for a clubnight in Shoreditch manages to be tackier and sadder than that. Sure, Graeme Park and Mike 'could we please get through this without mentioning the M-People?' Pickering have links with the Manchester Club, but trying to cash them in for a few pints down the smoke... [sigh]... it's the clubbing version of the Madonna Gap adverts, isn't it?

They'll be digging up the Factory Cat and remixing its body next.

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