Friday, October 17, 2003

SOMEONE'S PUT A ROCKET UP HER: While we don't attempt to make light of people firing fireworks at Jennifer Ellison's home, we're a little bemused at the Mirror's reporting of the events. Firstly, "a second terrifying attack" - but the first incident they didn't even realise had happened until they saw a couple of small bullet holes in the doorframe, which is hardly "terrifying." Secondly, they're quick to link it to a gang fued, but Liverpool is rotten with dickheads letting off fireworks all over from the end of August until well after Christmas - there's a phonebox on Windsor Street that has been razed every year since about 1864, for example. Third, "police called in army bomb disposal experts" - oh, yeah? They called the barracks to send someone round in case there was an still-lit catherine wheel? Bollocks. But finally, and most bemusingly of all - "Blast at Pop Star Jen home" - if one pisspoor song a pop star makes, then that makes Sid Owen a pop star too, doesn't it?

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