Saturday, October 18, 2003

TEMPTING FATE: The closing arguments have been put in the Tweedy case - Cheryl sobbing as her brief said that she'd not "prayed in aid once" on her fame during the case; the prosecution saying that being famous doesn't put you above the love (that would be being rich, of course), but "what we do say is that on this occasion, intoxicated and full, I am afraid, of her own self-importance...she treated another woman extremely badly. Who do you think was behaving well or badly? The stone-cold sober lavatory attendant or the drunk Cheryl Tweedy who was frankly all over the place?" The case was adjourned until Monday, when we'll hear the judge's summing-up.

It might not have been the best time for the Girls Aloud people to be sending out this mail-out, then:
Its all happening with Girls Aloud this weekend, and you won't want to miss a thing. If you've already been getting jiggy with the wondrous 'Jump' sample on the site...

(We've never even heard of the word 'jiggy', ourselves). The feeling of all the activity they're listing is of a band desperate to cram a load in before Monday.

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