Tuesday, November 18, 2003

'ACTUALLY, WE LIKE THE IDEA OF GORILLAS BEING SLAUGHTERED' - EMI: Perhaps it's for the best, as there was something slightly undiginified about Adam Ant's reworking of Stand and Deliver as Save The Gorrilas, but even so for EMI to block the release of a charity single at the 11th hour is pretty damn shady. Jillian Miller, from the charity who Adam had made the track for, says she thinks EMI have acted as they did because Marco objected to the track being reworked in a bid to try and save an endangered species. Whatever, since the video of the song has been floating around the interweb since the start of last month, couldn't EMI have made its objections known a little earlier, saving the chairty from investing five grand in the project? At the very least, EMI and Marco might want to show their goodness by writing a cheque to make good the money they've basically wasted on behalf of a small charity.

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