Thursday, November 20, 2003

FULL PAGE PUZZLERS: Two full page adverts in yesterday's Guardian - one was an open letter from Kazaa, appealing over the heads of the music industry direct to the people with a (basically true) message: The only reason why people can't pay the music industry for the stuff they download over our network is because the music industry won't create a way for them to do so. True, but we'd imagine the BPI will be rushing forward to list a number of objections. The argument isn't new, but arena is.

And what on earth possessed Oxfam to take a full page - in colour, no less - to declare its love for the Glastonbury Festival and the lot of good work that the event does for charity? We'd imagine it must be the time of year when the licence comes up for debate down in the Mendips, but we're not entirely convinced that it represents the best value for money for a charity to be buying ads like this.

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