Thursday, November 20, 2003

THAT'S GOTTA HURT: "CBS continues to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, announcing late yesterday that it had yanked its Michael Jackson special after California police issued a warrant for the pop singer's arrest..." - Isn't yanking Michael Jackson exactly what caused the problem, Washington Post?

Conor McNicholas has just been on Today talking about the troubles of Michael Jackson - the poor lamb seemed to have inherited Iain Duncan Smith's cough, although we can understand why - it's very tempting to rush to judgement on Jackson, but you still need to have a mental lawyer vetting everything you say; it's just slightly more obvious when you're doing this on live radio. Conor thinks that this could be the "the end game begining", and we think he could be right. In the interests of balance, Jane Dexter was on to speak for Jacko - she'd been to the Neverland ranch and she was having none of it (but then, she's not a small boy.) Challenged that his creative impulse had more or less died, she stuttered that the new album was a collection of number ones, so we'd have to wait to see what the new material was like - blissfully unaware that the last three slabs of new material were pisspoor - and then suggested that Michael is "a different type of person to us; he lives in a different environment; his heart is pure." Unfortunately for Jane and the other blinkered Michaelettes, he lives in California and his heart is going to be examined live on Court TV as soon as he turns up.

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