Friday, November 21, 2003

WHAT THE POP PAPERS SAY: A MINI, BITE SIZE EDITION: So, this one will be brief as well as delayed... the NME comes with a choice of CDs this week, which a cynic might suggest is a way of bolstering sales to help the average figures kepp nicely ahead of rivals Keranng - and since the CDs are both pretty good, it'd be churlish to suggest that anyone who shells out the GBP1.80 for both editions is being jibbed in any way; but as a way of marketing, this isn't selling either the sausage or the sizzle, but flogging the mustards and ketchup in two different packages.

The cover is some horrible montage leading on it being Poll Time - which is in itself odd; in the past it might get mentioned on the cover, but to suggest "There is a form to fill out inside" is the best thing in the paper doesn't give you much hope for the rest of the issue.

The posters are also poll-themed, featuring past winners - which means you get a Rolling Stones poster again (what is this, Uncut?). They print a Robbie Williams poster, but are clearly so embarrassed about this new low, they draw horns and a satan beard on him, which is so unsatisfactory - either do a poster for his fans, or don't - lets not have this half-arsed compromise solution going on.

Talking of compromises, if you can't or won't print Selfish Cunt's name, then don't make them the Radar Band for the week, okay? Unless the reason why you didn't print the word in full was because you thought they might be ashamed in years to come that they'd chosen such a pathetic, supposedly shocking banner under which to sell their wares. Selfish Cunt. It's not even as bad as Anal Cunt, is it? At least they'd made an effort to get everyone all in a tizzy. Still a rubbish name, though.

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