Friday, November 21, 2003

AND NOW, A QUICK WORD ABOUT US: Later this evening, we're heading off Texas to spend thanksgiving with No Rock's in-laws, and so service might be erratic to say the least over the next seven days or so. However, we can certainly guarantee that there will be new stuff to read here every day next week from Monday to Friday as we've prepared a small holiday feature, What The Pop Papers Said, dragging a magazine from the archives for a good working over. So, we can promise two surprise guest appearances by Pete Burns, Louise Who Used To Be In Eternal naked, Tim Burgess discovering that they have Pizza Hut in America, the birth of MTV, the death of the Melody Maker and the chance to win a Commodore 64 game. If the Blogger technology doesn't let us down, there should be a fresh edition every day at midday.

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