Thursday, November 20, 2003

WHEN ALBUMS LEAK: Various music execs blub about having to bring release dates forward when tracks leak onto the interminter - "oh, you have to spend more on advertising to promote the new date" they sniff. Well, yes, but since this sort of thing is happening all the time, here's a clue to the labels: why not cut the gap between the album being completed and the thing hitting the shops?

Steve Bermann of A&M tells MTV "we're at a point where we can't control this" - which makes you wonder what the whole deal with the prosecution of music consumers is all about; the record industry is saying that it can't stop its own employees from leaking music out there, so if it can't even put a bolt on its own door, why put so much effort into trying to catch people taking advantages of its own weaknesses? The dam (to hop across metaphors) has burst, but rather than try and fix the dam, the music industry is sticking 'No Swimming' Signs downstream.

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