Thursday, November 20, 2003

YOU WEAR IT HELL: Did you know the Siemens are currently sponsoring a competition to find the most stylish student in the country?

These are the Liverpool heat winners:

What? This old thing?

The one on the right claims that her fashion sense is "inspired by Gwen Steffani", so we assume she must know an colourblind old lady who cherrypicks at jumble sales with the same name as the singer out of No Doubt. Simon Robinson of Siemens seems to suggest that they're hoping to raise the game a bit with other Universities: "Judging by the poor-style calibre of Liverpool universities' alumni, who have included Steve Coppell and the Pet Shop Boys' Chris Lowe, Laura and Charla may have a tough task ahead to be crowned the national champion." The jibe at Chris Lowe is odd, since the competition claims to be seeking "the student that dares to be different in creating his or her own individual sense of style, whether it be through their clothes, music choice or clubbing preferences and even if it's on a shoestring." - which surely is the very essence of a man wearing diving gear on stage, isn't it?

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