Friday, January 30, 2004

CALLED THE COPS: Now, we here at No Rock have a lot of time for the police, and law and order generally. And we wouldn't really advocate the killing of policemen. But that doesn't mean we don't worry at little at Tower Records' complete capitulation to a demand from Arizona police that they censor records on sale in their Maricopa stores. Apparently, a cop discovered that Tower was selling a local CD which contained the schoolyard rap stand-by of demanding that policemen be shot, and so on. Rather than just figuring the guy was a bit of a jerk, the police decided to spend their time getting the record banned from the shelves, presumably because the track may have awoken a sleeper who had been primed to start gunning down cops at will. We're suggesting that Tower might like to circulate a list of topics that other people might find upsetting to its local branches, to spare people the (admittedly not great) trouble of bringing their own tastes and stances to bear.

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