Sunday, January 04, 2004

DJOBIT: E Rodney Jones, the Chicago and Baton Rouge discjockey who played a major role in popularising the blues and helped numerous artists, including BB King and Muddy Waters to mainstream, has died from colon cancer. He was 74. Sadly, his death on Friday came just a couple of days before a Baton Rouge benefit concert in his honour.

Jone's approach to radio was one that's been too often sidetracked in the current era of playlist-by-computers, scripted links and Clear Channel: "A good radio personality is being yourself and being versatile. When I say being yourself, I'm talking about personality. Be a personality and you'll win in radio. That's all I was, man. I was me, nobody else. That's what the people enjoyed. That's what they will forever enjoy with me if I can work my health up and get back to it. It'll still be me doing my thing."

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