Thursday, January 22, 2004

DOE? OH, DEAR: The RIAA has launched an attack on 532 further individuals, only this time they don't even know who they're attacking. Considering how their pursuit of twelve year old girls and grandmothers who don't even have file sharing packages blew up in their face, you'd have to give a moment's admiration to an organisation desperate to blunder on with a bunch of totally blind cases. The legal judgement which stopped ISPs having to pass subscriber details to the unelected, unrepresentative business organisation has left them with no choice but to issue the lawsuits in a mixture of "John Doe" names (the legal equivalent of 'TBC') and online identities. Well, we say no choice: they did have the option of abandoning the whole process, but they seem now to be driven on a mixture of addiction and spite.

For more - much more - check out the full Google News listing for the story.

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