Wednesday, January 21, 2004

EMINEM: HE RAPS BACK: Eminem has decided to respond to the Source's constant pushing of his nasty, racist rap with a new rap:

Oh, sorry, yo so sorry, whoa
But that was a long time ago
When I was a Joe Schmo
Rapping in Joe Blow's basement
I apologised for it before, so
Either accept it or you don't
And let's move on
If I ain't shown that I've grown
You can get the bone

So, there you are... it doesn't matter that he was a bit of a jerk-off in his past because he wasn't famous then; an interesting get-out clause should those BPI council fuckwits ever come to their senses and decide to try their hand at grown-up politics.

Eminem demonstrates just how far he's grown with this bit, later in the rap, when he turns his attention to the Source's publishers in this not-at-all-childish portion:

I got a riddle
What's little and talks big
With midget arms and creamy filling in the middle?
That will do anything to throw dirt on my name?
Even if it means walking the whole Mediterranean?
Isn't it Albanian? Armenian? Iranian? Tasmanian?
No it's Dave, Raymond and a ho'.

Now, we know this isn't anything more than a throwaway rap Eminem's produced for a side project but even so - how rubbish is that? It doesn't even make any sense. Some of it would have done if he's been insulted by a magazine owned by Vanessa Feltz, Jordan and Jeremy Beadle but even then the list of nationalities seems to be there just to rhyme with Mediterranean, which doesn't actually need to be there in the first place. He might have the moral high ground, but in claiming it, he's starting to just look lazy.

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