Wednesday, January 21, 2004

LET'S NOT WAIT AWHILE ANY MORE: How exactly did Janet Jackson flip so amazingly from 'let's wait awhile', no sex before at least a decent meal girl to shagzilla? Whatever caused it, she's on the point of releasing what's claimed to be the sexiest Janet Jackson thing ever. The new album (aptly, she doesn't even know its name) is, according to producer Dallas Austin, "easily the most sexy thing she's done." And that's quite a claim for someone who's done James El Debarge.

Dallas warms to his theme - a little too much: "Guys won't know what to do with themselves after this." That's going to call for a special parental advisory sticker, isn't it? Austin reckons the new record is her equivalent of Prince's Dirty Mind: "It's a really sexy record, but not in a sensual way. It's bold, it's fun, it's really positive. Nobody's sad, nobody's mad. It's just really fun songs where she happens to be talking frankly about sex." Of course, you have to be impressed that someone's brave enough to release an album about sex in 2004. It's a market-bucking move.

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