Monday, January 19, 2004

JACKSON ENTERS 'NOT GUILTY' PLEA: Not the first time he's entered an innocent, either, we'd guess. So, although Jacko saying "It wasn't me - again" comes as little surprise, the fringe festival surrounding the main circus is a little bit unexpected - really, does he have no advisors with any sense at all? The British tabs (and, we understand, their American counterparts) weren't very impressed with the dancing on top of a car business - since when did being accused of kiddie fiddling turn you into Bruce Forsyth anyway? - and Jackson's broad grin throughout. Then there's the sticky problem of the all-back-to-my-place party was a Black Panther recruitment drive muddying the waters still further. We're still not clear what the performance outside the court was meant to achieve - sure, it showed Jacko putting on a brave face (well, okay, he'd obviously put that on before he left the house - "lets see if we can get the nose to not slide off into the cheek today, shall we?") but what was there for him to be all jingly-dancey about? Either he's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and is about to spend a very long time moonwalking round the exercise yard, or else he's been wrongly accused of a terrible crime - either way, grinning like a loon would only make sense if he was trying to shore up a 'not guilty by reasons of insanity' plea. And the sort of people who'd traipse up to a courtroom holding placards which read, more or less, "I Know Jackson is innocent because, um, I like Thriller and bought both CD singles of Earth Song" are hardly the people he needs to be working to convince of his general, all-round, good-guy-ness, are they?

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