Monday, January 19, 2004

THEY MUST RATE STARS DIFFERENTLY IN IOWA: The Iowa media is getting really excited by the 'stars' out in force for the caucuses: the drummer from the E-Street Band being just one of the, uh, huge names out and about to try and persuade enough people to go vote that the rest of the US might shut up about how the Iowa procedures are a bit rubbish.

Seriously, of course, some of the candidates ("Howard Dean - and Wesley Clark, if you count people calling it in") are calling on some fairly big names. Joan Jett turned out for Dean at the weekend ("Jett has played Iowa before" pointed out the Fort Dodge Messenger, lest we think the appearance of a rock star in the state is a total novelty). Now, we'd heard rumours that there had been a bit of pushing and shoving at an event attended by Joan Jett and Janeane Garofalo - there was a link to a news story on the local ABC affialiate but the story seems to have disappeared.

Dick Gephardt had the vocal support of Michael Bolton to contend with. Poor sod.

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