Monday, January 19, 2004

THE BIGGEST RISK IN THE JUNGLE IS FROM THE SPEEDING CARS: As the most rock-heavy bunch of 'celebs' (John Lydon, Shane Lynch, Kerry Katona from Atomic Kitten) prepare for I'm A Celebrity, they might find something a little comforting in the news on the same page that tips their appearance that the German version of the show was filmed on the same set used by ITV and NBC for the British and American versions of the "Ha! Your career is over, we now put bugs down your bras and pants" show. Because, according to Bild, not only did the set have a massive great cover to keep out the rain, but was so "isolated" that they could hear cars speeding along the main road a few yards from their "jungle."

Yes, we know this is basically a 'reality TV not real' shocker.

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