Saturday, January 24, 2004

PANIC ON THE STREETS OF, UM, AUSTRALIA: Kerry McChipshop, late of Atomic Kitten, had a thirty-six hour panic attack prior to taking her place on the team for the new series of 'Remember Me? I Was Famous'. It seems she's afraid that with her reputation for speaking her mind, she's afraid she might become the most hated woman in Britain after she's been on the show. Kerry, let us put your mind at rest. First: you're not ever going to be the most anything in Britain; you weren't even the most anything in Atomic Kitten. Second, if you do find yourself speaking your mind in the middle of the jungle, why do you think it would lead you to be hated? The contents of your mind seem to run as far as "do these shoes go with this pair of hotpants" and "which hole this time?", neither of which will make you hated.

In other "reality" TV/music crossover, Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra whored their wedding to MTV, but - and this comes as a bit of a shock - Dave suggests that there's no such thing as reality TV. He even reveals that you're always aware you have an eight man camera crew in your face all the time, and you change your behaviour accordingly. Can this be true? Does this mean the Salon doesn't really show a bunch of vapid no-brows wasting their time and arching their coco-pop light skils in a desperate bid to be talent-spotted, but merely people pretending to be so? It seems hard to credit.

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