Monday, January 26, 2004

PERMISSION TO SWEAR REVOKED: Quick, time to rush for the big pair of scales upon which we weigh the evidence for the big question: Are The Darkness For Real, Or Are They Merely A Cynical But Admittedly Well Done Pitch For A Market Segment? With the news that The Darkness have recorded a second version of Permission To Land with all the sweary words replaced with non-sweary words. Of course, it's a shrewd move which will allow those wholesome sorts at Wal-Mart to sleep well at night, knowing their shelves are free of sweary words on the record racks. (Or, at least, allow them to get the sleepless nights a company which locks its staff in the stores and doesn't worry too much if there's a key there deserves). And it would be foolish of a band keen to make a go of it in America to not meet the WalMarts and the Targets halfway. But we ask ourselves: Would Phil Lynott have taken the swearing off his record? We suspect the answer is no.

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