Friday, January 30, 2004

R KELLY GOES CAMERA-SHY: Having had a good few months to think up a plausible explanation for incriminating photos, R Kelly's lawyers have decided that it's going to be less effort to try and argue the possible kiddie porn photos on R Kelly's camera were discovered by an illegal search and thus, inadmissible in court. We're not sure this is such a smart move - clearly, R will be looking to leave court without a stain on his character; the only way to do that would be to provide the explanation of why the images don't show what a lot of people assume them to do so, in open court, under oath. Getting the pictures ruled out-of-order won't stop the rumours circulating; indeed, it's likely to make them even wilder (after all, why get in such a funk if they're sweet and innocent photos?) and leave them hanging around Kelly's neck regardless of the court verdict on the stuff he is prepared to talk about.

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