Saturday, January 10, 2004

Re: OUR GIG AT DEPTFORD ABYSS: Surprising that Pete Townshend still surfs the net - you'd have thought he'd had enough of the technology after recent events. But apparently he does, taking time out to email the Rocky Mountain News to complain about a review of a Who re-release. Although, to be fair, he does seem to have a point - the Super Audio CD remix of Tommy was difficult to balance out because Keith Moon's drums were recorded in Mono and thus there's no way of reproducing the sixteen track lushness of percusssion sound the modern listener might expect - this sentence shows just how boring his point is, and suggests that it might have been better telling his cat about how unjust the review was, rather than going to the trouble of sitting down and firing up the PC to dash off an email to "correct" what the reviewer heard. Mark Brown, to his credit, sits down and considers again the album in light of this information, but this misses the point - if an album sounds shit unless the producer sits down and gives you a fifteen page email telling you what to listen to, it's a shit album. Period. Or, rather, it's not meant to be heard in this format.

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