Friday, January 30, 2004

YES, AGAIN: Ade from Big Bubbles somehow managed to sneak an email into our mailbox of MyDoom virus and holiday advertisements:

Reunion? What reunion?? The same line-up toured last year (including a show at the Liverpool Pops). Yes don't reunite as such, they just keep trying various configurations on for commercial size ("Let's try a young, hip guy like Billy are the sales? Still in decline? Right, dump the kid and hire an orchestra! Any joy? No...OK, bring Wakeman back...and spread a rumour that we're going to get Trevor Horn back to do a rap remix of 'Owner of a Lonely Heart'..."). The question is, can this line-up stay together for (even/more than) one new album?

As for 35 years of guitar solos: if you add the keyboard and bass solos, they must have played over a hundred years of music in 35 years. Which is actually what listening to their albums sounds like.

But I shouldn't laugh. I've got my ticket already.

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