Sunday, February 22, 2004

BACK IN THE BIG HOUSE: Time for Bobby Brown fans to stick a little sticking plaster on their face again, as Brown has been thrown back in jail. Nobody quite seems sure what violation of his parole terms has lead to Whitney's husband being taken back to DeKalb County Jail (where Big Brucie on D-Wing was said to be look forward to a little humpin' around), but he's going to be there for at least a week, as he's not due back in court until February 27th. To be fair to Brown, we should point out this is only the second time in a year he's violated probation and been sent back to prison, and he'd managed to keep his nose clean for six months since the last time. Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to keep Whintey's nose clean, having been up on charge of battery just before Christmas after a spot of alleged wife-beating. Let's hope Big Brucie takes the chance to show Bobby how you should treat your lover - gently, always gently...

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