Sunday, February 22, 2004

"... and somehow, I've never quite got round to mentioning it before..."

So, the reason John Lydon walked out of I'm A Celeb was because he knew his wife was flying in to Australia and the production team wouldn't tell him if she'd arrived safely or not.

Because, of course, had she been on a plane which had plummeted into the sea, ITV would have kept him in the dark so as not to spoil the show, wouldn't they?

Oddly, Lydon tries to justify this by explaining that he and his wife had been meant to be on the flight that was blown up over Lockerbie in 1988.

Is it just me being incredibly cynical, I wonder, because I'm surprised that we've never heard this story before in the last fifteen years. Wouldn't you have thought something like that might have turned up in his 1994 autobiography?

Maybe - just maybe - Johnny would have thought that it would have been slightly tacky to turn the deaths of so many people into a showbiz anecdote; but then it's hard to see why he'd then suddenly use them as a comfort blanket to cover his reasons for giving up a gameshow.

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